You've probably heard the phrase, "I got a guy for that". 

Well, at First Reentry Services...

..."We got a friend for that"
We need clothes for men and women
We need clothes for men and women

Friends who help with clothing 

When we left prison, we had one set of clothes; the ones we were wearing. 

First Reentry Services seeks to have on hand, an on-site space where our FCs can pick out a wardrobe that will both equip them for job interviews and leisure time, and make them feel great about themselves. 

We have a little. We need a lot. You can help. 

Friends who help with household goods 

We strive daily to find the things our FCs will need to help in their search for employment and leisure time activities:

  • Surplus or new & used phones, tablets, and laptops 
  • Household goods
  • Cosmetic items
  • Packaged food and consumables 

There's room for more. Help if you can.

Friends who help with education 

Many FCs took advantage of educational opportunities in prison, others need more. In every case, a little assistance can help them move on to earn their GED, Highshool diploma, bachelor's degree and more.

Support and friendship makes all the difference in the world!

Friends who help with employment 

Michael Allison, Co-founder, President, IT Hunter2019!