What We Do

From the minute friends leave the prison gate, to minute they are so stable they ask for the opportunity to give back...

...First Reentry Services is there to help with the transition. 

We're just getting started. 

Our nonprofit status is almost complete. We just need to complete the IRS paperwork and we're done.

In the meantime, we're scouring the real estate listings for Hemet, and the surrounding areas, looking for our first location. When we have it, First Reentry Services will help its friend clients (FCs) with:

  • A safe, parole-compliant place for FCs to live
  • A base from which FCs can work to reestablish themselves in the community 
  • A safe space for FCs to participate in education and counseling services
  • A friendly and welcoming environment for FCs to come home to

Yep, we're on our way, thanks to old friends and new. But we can never have too many friends.

One page to go. Read on.


Photo by
Michael Allison, Co-founder, President, IT Hunter2019!